Advantage thanks to innovative production technologies

The current issue of the renowned "JEC COMPOSITES Magazine" describes technological and economic advantages of the manufacturing technology used at SMT. While operating with the vacuum infusion process most manufacturer still use single-use consumable vacuum bags. SMT, on the other hand, relies on tailor made, self-separating, reusable silicon membranes for larger quantities. The advantages are evident: increased output, higher reproducibility and quality value, but also to save material costs.

Read on, to learn more about the benefits and other manufacturing options of using silicone membranes.


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Visit us at InnoTrans 2018, Berlin 18.9. - 21.09.2018, booth 1.1/301

InnoTrans is the leading international trade fair for transport technology and expects visitors from more than 100 countries. Our joint booth with the TH Mrose is already a tradition and offers an ideal opportunity for you to learn more about our services and innovations. It's worth a visit! (Recommended by


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Interview at the Cottbus Lightweight Construction Workshop 2018 at the BTU, now published

SMT was invited to give a presentation on lightweight solutions at this year's Cottbus lightweight construction workshop at the Brandenburg Technical University (BTU) in Cottbus. Collaboration with research institutions has been an integral part of the company's philosophy since its founding. If you like to know why? Watch this video. (only German)

Thanks to Panta Rhei, LsW and BTU!