Adhesive bonding: certified according to DIN 6701-A1 and DIN 2304

Forster System-Montage-Technik GmbH received a first certification according to DIN 6701-A1 in addition to the surveillance audit according to DIN 6701-A2 on 08th August 2019.

The certification body TC Kleben reviewed the work processes and the documentation of the company in the areas of construction, process planning, production and maintenance with a positive evaluation and certified that SMT fulfils all requirements for the scope according to DIN 6701-A1. This enables the company to carry out bonding with the highest safety and quality requirements in railway construction.

On 09th August 2019 followed the initial certification according to DIN 2304, which is based on DIN 6701-A1. With this certification SMT is one of the few companies in Germany and therefore one of the pioneers, which has been certified according to this standard. The standard is detached from a certain industry and is therefore considered to be the rule of technology for a variety of industries. With the certification according to DIN 2304 SMT expands its application areas and opens adhesive bonding services for different industries.

The new certificates can already be found at online-register DIN 6701 and at online-register DIN 2304.

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