International innovation award for SMT

Seoul - South Korea, Nov. 14th, 2018; The JEC Innovation Award is awarded by the JEC Group. The JEC Group's goal is to support the worldwide development of the composite industry through knowledge and networking. The award recognizes a lightweight composite, developed by SMT for use in rail vehicle construction, which combines lightweight construction, fire protection and structural capability in one product. The acknowledged innovation covers the following areas:

  • Material: The starting material of the company SAERTEX is LEO®, a combination of fibre - resin and a core material with structural reinforcements.
  • Technology: For the composite manufacturing process, reusable silicone covers were developed based on Alan Harper Composite Ltd. to replace disposable vacuum foils in the manufacturing process. This economical and resource-saving innovation is today an integral part of SMT’s production.
  • Product: Development of a fire-protected lightweight construction for structural applications in the railway sector.

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